Little Cottonwood Canyon | Maternity Photos | Caitlin

I love being a photographer because the most joyful and momentous moments in life are so centered around family. I sincerely believe family is the root of success and failure in our society, because everything is so pivotally connected to the family! Capturing the laughs, kisses and moments at a wedding is the beginning of a family but the day that a bride becomes pregnant and starts the journey of preparing to widen their family makes me beyond happy!

I met Caitlin through my husband. I was looking for a blond pregnant mother who was up for an adventure photo shoot! Caitlin was no disappointment! At one point we were in a bank of snow up to our hips as cars zoomed by looking at us like we must be crazy! With the snow it was more difficult to find locations and spots that were easily accessible. When I do maternity photos I am always concerned with the safety of the mother, but with Caitlin she was all about it! Ready to climb the side of the mountain if it would provide a good photo!

We took photos literally until dark and I loved every moment of it! She taught me how being a mother can help you stay playful and provides so much purpose in your life! I dream of the day I get to be the pregnant mama in front of the camera, but for now I will keep capturing the glowing smile of other mamas and their cute baby bump!