Cathedral of the Madeleine & Fohn Event Center Wedding | Max & Sheryl

WHO: Sheryl and Max
WHERE: Ceremony at Cathedral of the Madeleine, Wedding party and Couple photos at Memory Grove Park, Reception at Fohn Event Center
WHEN: June 2020


Sheryl and Max are that couple that everyone knew would end up together. When they are together you can see they both relax and feel at ease and safe together. They both know how to have a lot of fun too! Max has a love for video games and Sheryl has a love for the gym dance classes. Their friends can’t say enough good things about them and are fiercely loyal to this couple. Sheryl and Max are incredibly generous. They often seem like the ‘loving parents’ to their friends keeping their door open to help and be of any need to any of their friends.


When I arrived at the Cathedral I had to take a moment to pause and just take in the magnificent architecture and amazing history in every stone of this amazing building. I knew that this venue was perfect to celebrate Sheryl and Max becoming husband and wife.

I found Sheryl and met her mother and some of her best friends. It was so good to see Sheryl because we had talked so much but hadn’t seen each other for a long time, so of course, I gave her the biggest hug! She was getting her makeup and hair finished but already looked amazing in just a T-shirt. Taking photos of the details for this wedding were meaningful. There are special things that happen in catholic ceremonies and I felt honored to photograph these details

Watching Max see Sheryl glitter her way down the aisle brought a tear to my eye. I knew these two had waited a very long time to get to this moment. The ceremony was special, meaningful, and beautiful.

It was so fun to meet all of Sheryl and Max’s family and friends during photos. We had a very short window after the ceremony before we needed to leave so I had to move fast but luckily everyone cooperated and trusted me. There were even a few minutes to snap some of just the couple themselves.

We changed scenery and decided to finish the wedding party photos and the Just Married couple photos at Memory Grove Park. But first, the wedding party and wedding couple had to fuel up, I don’t think there has ever been another more grateful bride for Mcdonald’s chicken nuggets. We had so much fun with these photos. You will see that we did the traditional shots but we also had fun with bubbles, professional model posing, and just a lot of laughs.

We said goodbye to the wedding party and got to give Sheryl and Max and a few moments to just get close and romantic with each other. With of course a little bit of fun too.  You can see how they shine when they look at each other and I’m not just talking about the glitter of Sheryl’s dress.

I was excited to go to Fohn Events Center for the reception because it was my first time photographing a wedding there. They are actually fairly new and the owner spoke with me for a while and was incredibly kind, professional and I could tell really just cared about giving her couples and events everything they would need to feel happy about the venue.

Sheryl and Max entered their reception dinner and gave their first dance. Everyone enjoyed a delightful dinner and then we had the privilege of watching Sheryl and Max hilariously smash their wedding cake in each other’s face. I believe Sheryl had wedding cake up her nose. The rest of the night was filled with dancing, laughing, and shows of love and support for this amazing couple!

I always love the exit photos but I don’t love that it means its goodbye. Sometimes I am lucky enough to see my couples later at their next milestones together like their first child etc but sometimes I don’t, so as couples exit it is also goodbye for me.


Make time together a priority. Budget for a consistent date night. Time is the “currency of relationships,” so consistently invest time into your marriage.