Silver Lake & Jordan Pines| Engagements | Ciarin and Jordan

Ciarin and Jordan met the way that more and more couples are starting to find their soulmate: online! After swiping right for one another, they then dated for 2 years, which included six months apart due to a deployment. Their first date was hiking Adams Canyon. They were having such a great time that Ciarin felt comfortable enough to open up to Jordan. He says they sat down on a log halfway through the hike while Ciarin told him her whole life story! They were just immediately so comfortable with one another.

The proposal happened in a somewhat spontaneous way. After Jordan bought the ring he was too excited and just couldn’t wait! So they found themselves in their truck, making their way to a cliff side in Ogden overlooking the city lights. As they hiked up to a bench, Ciairin had a suspicion of what was happening but as soon as he got down on one knee, she could hardly believe what was happening. She told me, “It made me want to cry, but I was too excited to!”

It makes sense that they would choose to take their engagement photos up in Big Cottonwood Canyon, considering two of their defining moments – their first date and where Jordan proposed – happened in the mountains. It was an early day in March, and the snow crunched all around, but they didn’t seem to mind the cold. Basically the whole session was Jordan making Ciarin laugh, and the two of them being adorable together, making my job completely a breeze. Ciarin says that’s one of her favorite things about Jordan – his ability to always know how to make her laugh. When I asked Jordan what his favorite thing about Ciarin was, he responded, “It’s her quirkiness and how funny she can be with her personality. And everyday I cant believe how lucky I am to have gotten someone so far out of my league… like seriously, dang.”

These two truly are each other’s “other half,” and I feel so lucky to be a part of such a fun, special time in their life!