Frequently Asked Questions – Family Photo Shoots

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1. Do you like to do an in-person consultation before we book?
While I am totally up to having an in-person consultation, I don’t think that it is absolutely necessary. Most of my clients are super busy moms or live out of town, so many times meeting in person isn’ t always an option. So I have learned many ways, like this guide, of getting to know my families to figure out if we are a good fit. We can email. chat on the phone, or even skype or Facetime if you want to.

2. What if my kids get sick on the day of our session?

I am a mom as well, and I know how stressful it is when your littles get sick and then the worry of having to bring a sick child to a photo session. For this reason I am always in favor of rescheduling. They usually aren’t their fun, silly self and you don’t need to stress.

3. Do I find the location or do you find a location?

I like to work together (unless it is predefined locations for mini sessions) with my moms to find a location that both works based on distance and lighting. Lighting is everything. If we are outdoors the best light is really early in the morning or later in the evening right before it gets dark. If the session is in your home, mid day is when the lighting is the best. Other factors that go into selecting a location are time and season of year and whether you want more foliage in your photos or a more open look like a park or field or salt flats etc. We discuss the options and I also have Pinterest boards that show examples of locations.

4. Do we get all the digital negatives from the session?
After your session, we will go through your images and narrow it down to a manageable number for you. We get rid of any duplicates, blinking eyes, or any other images that don’t make the cut. Unless you are purchasing a mini session, from there you get absolutely all of them! (mini sessions get 20-35 images included) So you will have every look, every smile, every crazy dance move, to remember forever.

5. How do I know if I should do a lifestyle session or more of a styled session?
Once session prep starts, we will figure all of this out. I have a lengthy session prep guide that I will send you and we can go over all of the details. I will send you a questionnaire that will help give me a good direction of what you are envisioning and what would make your session just “perfect” for you. It is my goal in each session to provide you with a good mix of posed photos that grandma’s can hang on their walls, but also capture those in between moments that become your most special memories. For me session prep is one of the most important parts, so as long as you participate in that, we will have fun and be able to get you what you hope for!

6. We don’t really want a family photo album. Why do you think they are important?

The times we live in are becoming less and less tangible with all our digital advances. We carry phones around with 1000s of images stored on them but have 0 hard copies. Think about grandma and grandpa or even your future children or grand children. Do you like the image of sitting down and scrolling through your Facebook or Instagram or whatever new social media platform will be popular then or do you like the image of sitting down with them and flipping through the pages of your beautiful custom album? Almost like the whole world stops as you and the people you love view your most precious memories. A lot of people don’t even print their images and put them up in their homes, or they print one big family portrait of everyone smiling, but there are so many other images from your shoot that you will love and will tell the story of the people you cherish the most. It’s a great way to have all of them at your fingertips.

7. When will our photographs be done?

The ideal goal is to have them back to you within 10 business days. There are busier seasons that might extend this time by a few days but you will for sure know if there is gonna be a delay. If you do need photos sooner make sure you let us know this when you are booking.

8. Why do you think we should book you over someone else?

So I have to be honest, most of my MRose Family clients come to me because they are friends of one of my past clients. They already know the experience they are going to get because my past clients have told them. They are just wondering where they need to sign. So I am not so great at “selling” myself. What you see is what you get. And hopefully this guide has given you a good idea of who I am and how I can play into your family photos. If you are price shopping photographers just to find the cheapest deal. I probably am not that person. If you are looking for a “show up and shoot” type of person, I am probably not a good fit for that either. But if you are looking for a photographer who wants to do everything within her power to make your session amazing and truly capture your family. Someone who will help you navigate the chaos and stress of family photos and help you create the photography experience you dreamed of. Who will be there to help you plan your sessions, coordinate the schedule, make sure everyone is having fun and can be themselves, that every detail is just right. and that you and your family are comfortable in front of the camera so that your love and emotions can shine through … then I am most definitely your girl. I truly believe that you should have a gut instinct at this point on whether or not we are a good fit. So I say … follow your heart!

9. How do we book with you?

The best and easiest way to book me is to fill out the contact form on this website. The link is HERE . Once I receive notification you sent a message we will get things going!

Tips for family photo shoots, planning your family photo shoot, family photo shoot ideas, family photo shoot, utah family photographer,