Memory Grove Park | Couple Bridals | Joachim & Jasmin

Historically it is bad luck for the Groom to see the Bride before the big day. Here in Utah (and I’m sure some other places right?) we have our own special tradition some have begun partaking in and it goes by many names: groomals, formals, couple bridals, bridals with the groom and I’m sure others. But many brides still want to experience that first look moment as they are coming down the aisle about to say I Do to their future husband ANNNDDD they want all the gorgeous photos and experience that comes from the newer tradition of a Couple Bridals session (that’s my choice of title). SO I figured out a solution that makes most of these couples happy. We just do a Post Wedding Day Couples Session.

Does it mean you have to get all dressed up and dolled up a few days to a month after your wedding day? Well, yes, yes it does. BUT when are you gonna wear your wedding dress again? and what better way to keep the wedding magic alive than to do a wedding photoshoot a little after the wedding! Not everyone buys into this idea and that is totally fine. We always try to snag a few shots of the couple and the bride and groom individually on the wedding day but take a look at Jasmin and Joachim’s bridals session as an example. Their wedding venue was GORGEOUS (see their wedding day post HERE) but we would never have had that skyscape shot had we not done a post-wedding day photo session!

I was so excited when these two chose to do their bridals session after the wedding! They were beyond relaxed and so happy and in love. They weren’t worried about what shots they would need to have for the wedding day they just planned to decorate their home with these photos and were excited to be together for an evening.

One of my favorite things about this shoot was how much fun you can SEE it was. You can see genuine laughter, silly couple interactions and you can see how much these two love each other.

Nicole, one of our amazing MK Rose Team Photographers had the lucky privilege to shoot this bridals session and you can see how amazingly skilled she is of not only setting up a beautiful posed portrait but also catching those fleeting candid moments that you won’t want to forget!

Scroll through and just enjoy the beauty, the love and the fun of this couple!