Lifestyle In Home Maternity Pictures | Jasmin & Joachim

Nothing is a bigger compliment than when a bride and groom from past years contact me to take photos of their next big moments in life. Jasmin and Joachim are STILL one of my favorite couples and when I go through any of their photos (which can be found here: Engagements, Bridals, Wedding Day) I just can’t get over how much I loved them, their day and now love that I got to document the gorgeousness of their next step, bringing a little boy into their family. These two are gonna make some of the most amazing parents. Jasmin is so artistic and creative and Joachim is so happy and funny. A kid can seriously not be luckier. Their little Phoenix (just imagine how cool it is that Jasmin gets to yell Joachim, Phoenix at the grocery store or anywhere to get their attention, told you they rock) has already joined their family but I can’t tell you how blessed I felt to be invited to their home to document the beginning of little Phoenix’s life, in his sweet mama’s womb!