Ogden Maternity Photo Shoot | Mina & Elton & Twin Boys

Nothing is a bigger compliment than when my brides and grooms contact me after their wedding to take photos of the next big moment in their life. 

Mina and Elton contacted me because they were pregnant with not just 1 but 2 babies! I was ecstatic! These sweet twins were honeymoon babies and they couldn’t be luckier to have Elton and Mina as their mom and dad!  We tentatively planned a photoshoot and started talking locations. 

I received a call from Elton and Mina one day asking if I could come take photos of Mina and Elton that day and at the hospital Mina was planning to deliver. There was a chance Mina was going to have to deliver within the next 24-48 hours. So, thanks to my supportive and loving husband I was able to drive up to Ogden and had so much fun celebrating and documenting this wonderful moment in their lives! 

1. Freezing such a special moment in time
2. Honoring and bonding the family before baby arrives
3. Preparing for the baby book so many like to give their kids
4. Celebrating the very warranted 8 – 8.5 months you’ve just spent creating another human being 
5. Because you don’t want to regret the chance you had to take these photos, because you aren’t going to be pregnant with that child ever again